How To Measure


Measuring for a Halter


If you already have a halter that fits or almost fits – start with it. We like to measure the nose and cheek pieces. Don’t include any hardware (square or round metal rings) only measure the nylon or leather. If you don’t have anything to measure then follow this guideline:

Start by measuring over the nose, from the cheek bone to the other side cheek bone. The cheek bone is up from the corner of the mouth about 2"-3". This measurement would be where you want the halter to lay. Then measure from the cheek bone on one side, over the poll to the cheek bone on the other side. This will give the poll measurement. This will give us a good idea of what size will work for you. Please see descriptions on all Silver Halters for measurements.

This is a general rule of thumb for our premium miniature nylon halters: TW – Foal; X-Small to 26” tall; Small 26” to 28” tall; Medium 29” to 31” tall; Large 32: to 34” tall and X-Large 38” to 40” tall.

Measuring for a Bridle


We carry many sizes of bridles in hope that one will fit just right. When we give measurements in our descriptions, this is how and where we measure.

A – The crown piece - Bit-to-Bit - Around the head. We measure from the corner of the mouth on one side – up to the top of the head- behind the ears - to the corner of the mouth on the other side. All-The-Way-Around. Note – you will need to remember that your bit is going to take up 1 to 3 inches on each side depending on what bit you use.

B – Noseband. The headstalls that we carry do not have nosebands. We do carry nosebands and tie down straps that are used in addition to the headstall.

C – Throatlatch – this is on all brow style headstalls. You need to measure under the head and around behind the ears. Some ponies have larger jaws than others and may require a bigger throatlatch, just let us know, we have some bigger ones made up and also carry extenders.

D – Browband - Our measurements ONLY includes the measurement in FRONT of the crown piece. Take your measurement from the front side of the strap that makes the crown piece (the bit to bit measurement) to the other side. We do not include the entire piece of nylon or leather as they are all made different. We feel just measuring the actual part that goes across the brow is the best way to give you an idea of the measurement.

General Measurements – please check items for a better idea of measurements - different companies can have very different measurements.

Large Pony: 30” – 40” bit to bit. Browband 11 ½”
Pony: 27" to 37” Bit to bit.  Browband 11”
Mini: 22" to 32" Bit to bit. Browband 9 1/2" 

Measuring for a BreastCollar


A breast collar’s purpose is to prevent the saddle from slipping backwards. It will allow you to ride with a little bit looser cinch and helps keep the saddle on those ponies that are built like a 55 gallon drum. The parts of the breast collar are: The center ring (this sometimes has decorative conchos) the 2 main straps and the tugs that attach your saddle.

When we give measurements, we give it this way – from the center ring to the end of the tug taken all the way up and the tug let out to the last hole. We also give you the length of the main straps. The most important measurement you want to pay attention to is the man straps. You don’t want them ending at the point of the shoulder (the hardware – usually a metal ring or D would be sitting on the shoulder and be very uncomfortable).  We also give you the center or tie-down strap length at the shortest and longest. This strap goes from the center of the breast plate down and between the ponies legs and connects to a small dee ring on the center strip of the girth. The center tie strap should be loose enough to allow you to put your fist between it and the pony, but not so loose that your pony could catch a foot in it.

Please note that not all products are made the same, different manufacturer can mean measurements that are nowhere close to the size chart below.

Our Sizes: 

MINI – Center to end of tug - 12” – 17”

PONY – Center to end of tug – 20” – 25”

POA/Large Pony – Center to end of tug – 23” – 28”


BITS - What size do I need?


There are a few steps to find the right size bit for your pony or miniature horse.

First know that the height of your animal in no way corresponds to the mouth size. I wish there was a formula for this. For instance, our 14 hand pony wears a 4 ¼” bit, but my 13.1 hand pony wears a 4 3/4” bit. 

The mouthpiece is the measurement of the width of your pony’s mouth. We carry sizes from 3 ½” to 4 ¾”. If you already have a bit that works, measure it. If you don’t and have one that is too big, slide it out of the mouth to one side and see how much extra you have, that will be approximately how much too big the bit is. So, if you put a 4” bit in the mouth and pull it to one side and you see ½”, then your Mini probably wears a 3 ½”

We do sell a bit sizer. A plastic stick that you put in the mouth and it will show you what size mouthpiece you need. 


It is important that your bit is not too big – it will slide around in the mouth and cause pain. Think of how it feels to wear shoes that are 2 sizes too big. It should also not be too tight, again think about wearing shoes 1 size too small. As a rule of thumb, if you have a joined bit it can be ¼” bigger but not ½”. 

It may take a few bits to figure out what your pony likes best. If you have a bit that works, stick with the same type of mouthpiece – jointed, 3 piece, solid etc.

Still Have Questions?

Call Us!!!  We love to help!  Trust me when I say it's a whole new world when you buy a Mini or Pony.

Height vs Size

Believe it or not, just because a pony or mini is a certain height does not translate to the size bit or bridle that it needs.  So, measure - measure - measure!!!!